TV Series – Better Call Saul

Better Call Saul is a spin-off of Breaking Bad, which I found totally overrated, but I shall give a chance to Saul Goodman!


Let me begin with stating, that I am not a psycho fan of Breaking Bad. Even though I have kind of forced myself to go through the entire five series, the only part worth reminiscing was the season 4 to me, mainly thanks to Gus Fring (badass level – way too much). Nevertheless, when last year’s revelation was the production of Better Call Saul, I told myself I should give it a shot – mainly due to the fact, that Saul Goodman was by far one of the most entertaining and well-developed characters existing in Breaking Bad. So, when the pilot episode was finally aired, I have sit comfortably and watched it.

Better Call Saul tells the story of the smooth-tongued, pushy Saul Goodman, but before he actually became Saul. The character played by Bob Odenkirk is introduced to us as JamesMcGill, a mediocre lawyer, whose career is marked by failures and… failures. Although the man we know from Walter White’s story and James McGill are completely different, there is one factor that unites them – no matter what, this guy knows how to work his way. His rare skill to propitiate the worst sort of criminals he meets is quite outstanding and combined with really bad luck – that is a promise for a good TV series.

The creators of Better Call Saul did some amazing job on striking the balance between capturing completely new spectators and attracting those already in love with idiosyncratic Breaking Bad. Although only four episodes were shown, they are already full of references to the previous Gilligan’s project – among others, we will see Mike (Jonathan Banks) and Tuco (Raymond Cruz) and see the beginning of Saul’s career. The dark humor, ubiquitous in Breaking Bad, is also present in Better Call Saul and combined with astonishing role of Odenkirk, it provides us with some dig-into-it series. I hate to admit that, but I’m looking forward to see the next episodes.

Are there any fans of Better Call Saul already? Express your opinion in the comments!


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