Oscars vs. Internet

Poor Leo has an army of ardent fans behind – will he make it finally to get the Oscar prize?


Cronyism, politics and all types of deals on one hand and prestige on the other – no matter how much we disregard the Oscars, every single film-person dreams of it. But the exceptional example of Leonardo DiCaprio proves also some other interesting issues. Let’s be honest, not EVERY, single role of Leo was a masterpiece, but at least several of them was Oscar-worthy. And although I’m not a Leo psycho-fan, there is something wrong with the fact, that Nicolas Cage owns more of them than Leo. And the theories regarding this “snubbing off” are numerous. Some Internet users claimed, that Leo can only receive an Oscar post mortum, which is quite a forlorn vision, whilst some claim that it’s the illuminati, reptillians and all that other ridiculously hilarious stuff. 

Everyone know this picture above, right? The Oscar ceremony in 2014, Leonardo DiCaprio was the strongest bet in the best male role with his mind-blowingly astonishing role of Jordan Belfort a.k.a. Wolf of Wall Street, fourth nomination in his lifetime (after “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape”, “The Aviator”, “Blood Diamond”). And just when the crowd that gathered for the ceremony expected to hear “And the Oscar goes to Leonardo DiCaprio…”, the Academy trolled him again. When Matthew McConaughey received the prize, the Internet has burst out with a blend of tears and laughter, probably creating some sort of a cult around DiCaprio’s never-received Oscar prize. Nevertheless, losing to McConaughey, who nailed not only “Dallas buyers Club”, but also the tv series ‘True Detective”, was easier than to some of the more “inaccurate” winners. Just imagine losing an Oscar race to Sandra Bullock or Whoopi Goldberg…

When asked how he feels about losing again in the Oscar race, DiCaprio admitted he’s an actor not for the prizes, but just because he loves this job. So what is so mesmerizing about this gold silhouette, that it creates such a heated debate all over the world, even though we all know how randomly the winners are picked? Ladies and gentlemen, it’s not only money. Would everyone talk about DiCaprio’s another failure, if not the God-blessed Internet? He was backed up by millions of anonymous people around the world, that voiced their chagrin. This year’s prizes were also quite a surprise – even before the ceremony, Michael Keaton was sure as eggs to win. But there was no worldwide “strike”, when the prize went to Eddie Redmayne. It somehow suggests, that DiCaprio became a symbol of how the Oscar prize deteriorated (or was never really anything apart from a massive show off?) and what it means nowadays. If so, then why we cry over four nominations for Leo so badly?

One reason might be the fact, that the Internet has significantly shortened the distance between those film stars and plain people, like us. We can follow them virtually everywhere, knowing the stuff they also want to share with us – Facebook or Instagram. The fact, that DiCaprio commented on the 9gag’s pictures regarding Oscars in 2014 is the best example – Internet feels in power. Although the Academy remains adamant in its decisions, it is a matter of time, when there will be a category “Best bla bla… according to the Internet”. And personally, I fear those choices would be much more percipient than the ones right now…

2015 is the year of new hopes for DiCaprio. According to Hollywood Reporter, the actor’s been waiting to play in a film regarding Billy Milligan – accused of a variety of different crimes including rapes, who also developed 24 different personalities, being a topic of many schizophrenia research. The second award-giving role is in “The Revenant” , by this year’s multiple winner, Alejandro Inarritu. All in all, there are some shades of chances for Leo, but as one of the users on imdb.com once commented: all it takes for Leo to win an Oscar is to stop picking up roles crafted to win an Oscar.

Let me know in the comments what you think of Leonardo DiCaprio’s chances to win an Oscar in 2016!


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