Beasts of No Nation, Sicario, Lost River and more!

Sicario, Beasts of No Nation and more – what I am looking for this year!


There is a lot to see this year. Just from recent news, I was thrilled to hear, that two great directors – Cary Fukunaga and Denis Villeneuve – directed new movies and will view them this year. The first one made already some razzle-dazzle around his new “Beasts of No Nation“, as his film will be streamed on Netflix simultaneously with cinema premiere. The plot will follow an unnamed country in Africa, where children are forced to fight arms to arms with adults. To spice it up, the main star in the cast is Idris Elba – need anything else? Here is the first picture from

Denis Villeneuve new movie will tell a story of a CIA agent, whose mission will be to take down a cartel boss in Mexico. No matter how recycled this idea sounds, I’m sure it’s gonna be a festival contender and might be a chance for Benicio Del Toro to redefine his rather “dying” career – although he played Escobar lately in “Escobar: Paradise Lost“, which was not that bad after all. So, “Sicario” shall be something to look forward to.

Apart from those two hotties, Ryan Gosling’s directorial debut “Lost River“, booed during last year’s Cannes premiere, that went through a lot of downs, finally made an up as well. The film is set to be premiered theatrically in US in April. The movie is strongly Winding Refn-influenced, as Gosling used work with the Danish director twice (“Drive” and “Only God Forgives”) and tells the story of a mother, who is tied to a forlorn mystery,when her son finds a secret way leading another, underwater town. Sounds mesmerizing to me!

Finally, there is more coming. One of my all time favorites Ben Mendelsohn joined forces with Ryan Reynolds in a new movie called “Missisipi Grind” by  duo Boden & Fleck – a drama focused on two guys, a no-hoper Gerry (Mendelsohn) and a poker player Curtis (Reynolds) who both travel South with one purpose – to change their lives.

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