UMP Recommends – Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead

Wirkola’s sequel to fun-packed zombie horror gets even more bloody, more ridiculous and more nazi – fasten your seatbelet and take that trip!


Schlocky, baboonery and absurd, but at the same time ridiculously hilarious and even more entertaining than its predecessor – that’s how I feel about the sequel of 2009’s classic zombie movie, “Dead Snow 2: Red vs.Dead”. And just be aware, that if you felt that the first part was gut-wrenching and balancing on the edge, then Wirkola’s new movie goes far beyond than that., who was the only lucky to remain alive in the previous clash with Nazi zombies, wakes up in a hospital after courageously defeating the them in the mountains. Unfortunately, as a consequence of a coincidence, he lost his arm and had it replaced with… Colonel’s Herzog arm, the headmaster of the forlorn troops. Therefore the awaken army of the undead will aim to destroy CITY, scurred by Herzog’s personal need of vengeance.

Wirkola received an immensely bigger budget for directing the sequel of “Dead Snow”, but at the same time he remembered what was the pure genius behind the calamitous Nazi story, that he once created. The Norwegian director fears nothing: kids are being brutally killed, guys in the wheelchairs become painfully wretched and all of that is accompanied by loads of other dead bodies and guts being thrown in every direction. Nevertheless, Wirkola finds space for a lot dark humour in this disturbing, wanton picture and that is his secret ingredient, which makes this film a fascinating dish.

“Dead Snow 2” is also a really exciting special effects experience. The make-up and cinematography crew did some astonishing job, creating a plastic, almost cartoon-like world. The Nazi undeads still have the same crippled walk, but they were given more “life” than before – flawless battle scenes with the Germans’ field hospital is just an example. Although Wirkola added some strange accents, like homosexual employee of the World War II-theme museum or the entire “Zombie Squad” idea – all in all, it’s a really cool blend. Finally, its also the soundtrack, that just brings out the best out of this film. To save you some pleasant surprises, the songs featured in “Dead Snow 2” range from tawdry disco to romantic Bonnie Tyler’s classic, all fitted into the most “unfitting” moments.

This parade of preposterous gags races rapidly, as “Dead Snow 2” bursts with them all the time – but how Wirkola really nails the rest of dark comedies regarding zombies, is the very end of his movie. Although it’s screamingly disgusting, that’s the moment, when you will realize how much you actually adore this piece of cinematography.


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