UMP Review – The Hybrid

A lacklustre effort to make an intense sci-fi thriller ends up as an action packed yet immensely ridiculous film.

Billy O’Brien’s rinky-dink flop “The Hybrid” mixes a horror-like straying in dark corridors theme with B-class sci-fi. There is also space for some Soviet Cold War weaponery project, immortal scientists and screeching bulb-headed things. All in all, there is just too much going on which finally develops into a murky and a bit ectypal film. 

A group of piad mercenaries is hired to conduct an undercover mission in some unknown territory to investigate an underground, post-soviet laboratory with purpose to find and secure some geneticallly enhanced human genes. The mission gets even more difficult when the troop is forced to face not only the soldiers on the ground, but also the bloody human hybrids, that were part of the genetics-based project.

One may call this puzzling mystery around project “Scintilla” a riveting pursue as the mercenaries find themselves in deeper and deeper morass. Others will feel overwhelmed by the out-of-nowhere subplots, which emerge just as the screenwriter’s ideas were popping out simultaneously with writing. And although I was trying hard to convince myself, that this British movie is an ambitious attempt on sci-fi and horror blend, I ended up being tired.

There are moments, when O’Brien’s sci-fi becomes unuterrably grotesque – obviously, this effect is completely accidental. The after-granade wounds do not kill the almost immortal scientist, although we’re given a clear camero shot on how precisely her backbone was shattered – seriously? The mercenaries are getting outnumbered quite easily and follow the well-known patterns, that if you have a gun, you can’t have a brain. And as the icing on the cake comes this beautiful prejudice, that all the Eastern people are drunks. And if you have to deal with a bunch of fearsome Eastern soldiers – vodka soothes everything.

I cannot deny, that “The Hybrid” happens to be entertaining, even despite numerous flaws. It’s a well-directed piece of lower budget sci-fi, which should satisfy the fans of classics like “Alien” – not that I compare those two on any grounds. O’Brien’s movie will never make it to the pantheon of sci-fi genre, but as a quickly forgettable experience for those ones who sit on the fence for a dose of some extraterrestrials – it should work just fine.

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