Olafur Arnalds – Broadchurch OST Review

I remember last year’s concert of Olafur Arnalds – spine-chilling experience, which almost brought tears to my eyes. This talented artist from Iceland is also set to pave his way into film industry and today I want to present to you one of his soundtracks – British TV series “Broadchurch”.

https://i2.wp.com/www.interviewmagazine.com/files/2013/04/02/img-lafur-arnalds_153943100072.pngThe series is focused around a mysterious death of a boy in a Britsh, close-to-shore town of Broadchurch. The brutal homicide shakes the grounds of the local community and provokes a neatly-weaven web of lies to be revealed, which eventually will uncover darksome secrets of quiet, British province. An investigation, led by two police officers, Hardy and Miller, leads to many cul-de-sacs, which only prove, that all of us have got something on our conscience.

Olafur Arnalds’ soundtrack portrays the blend of broken family’s sorrow, which is vastly exposed in the first season and town’s reaction to it – from anger to fear. The tracks are composed mainly for piano and violins, but Arnalds loves to go along with some electronic vibes as well, which suits the overall tone of the soundtrack. The songs below are examples of this Icelandic, darksome spirit – the first is “So close”, ending song with sublime vocals by Arnor Dan, whilst the second one is main theme for the series.

  • So Close Feat. Arnor Dan
  • Broadchurch Main Theme

Undoubtedly, the most heart-wrecking and beautiful in its own simplicity is “Beth’s Theme”, composed as a background for Beth, who is a mother of the killed boy, Danny. The piece is really emotional, managing to grab the sadness, which devours the Latimer’s family. And apart from, that, just listening to it without the screen, calms one’s mind just perfectly.

  • Beth’s Theme

Summarizing, I really recommend listening to the official soundtrack by Arnalds. Not only it perfectly suits the vision of the TV series itself, but constitutes a peaceful, harmonic piece of amazing music on its own. I hope, that Mr. Arnalds will eventually follow the steps of his Icelandic friend, Johan Johansson and become a part of big stuff in the next year. How not to be jealous of those Icelandic guys, huh?



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