A sad girl with a guitar in the dark universe of True Detective – Lera Lynn

Lera Lynn’s song “The Only Thing Worth Fighting For” created a heated debate among fans of “True Detective” and raised high hopes for the new series, when featured in the teaser trailer. Although it didn’t become the intro theme song (what a shame…”Nevermind” by Leonard Cohen is just a bad choice imho), Lera Lynn seems to musically visualize the hermetic and dark atmosphere of the new season. 

Let’s be honest, the premiere episode of news “True Detective” was, at least, dissapointing. One character quickly introduced after another, rapidly thrown into a chaotic web of subplots, which eventually only at the end made any sense. Plus we learned, that you don’t **** with Ray Velcoro. Nevertheless, before I started critizing the new season, I reminisced my ambiguous feelings toward the first episode of my all-time favorite among TV series, starring McConaughey and Harrelson. Whining about their absence should be put aside – relax, take a beer and enjoy the second season – it got really hyped after a exceptionally good, third episode.

T-Bone Burnett composed a stunning soundtrack for the first season and, luckily, he remained in the crew. Lera Lynn, a singer from Texas matches the weird atmosphere of Vinci city perfectly. Filled with melancholic, nostalgic voice, the singer matched the bar scene with Vaughn and Farrel incredibly well – actually, it was the first moment I really felt I’m watching TD series. The slow zoom-in, the gloomy music, wretched faces – that’s what we loved the previous season for!

As we are ahead of episode 4 (already half of the show!), the soundtrack remained extraordinary. It’s a great idea to promote the artist through a TV series and I hope to see more of Lera Lynn in the further story. Maybe she could play a small role, only for fun? Just look at the famous “guitar player” in “Mad Max:Fury Road” – the guy was shown in a few scenes and made the Internet go absolutely nuts. Lera Lynn’s presence in “True Detective” could be such an accent as well – that would be lovely!


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