True Detective Episode 4 – The high hopes finally buried

During the last few weeks I literally felt like an advocate for Nic Pizzolatto’s fallible second season of True Detective. The protagonist characters were highly prone to look flat and ridiculous, the plot seemed to have a very vague end and quite unnatural “twists” and on top of that, Vince Vaughn’s existence in the series seemed to be an outfall for Pizzolatto’s sophisticated vocabulary. Despite my love for the TV masterpiece from the last year, I have finally matured to say that – the second season of True Detective is one hell of a washout.

The fourth episode, which hit the small screens yesterday, started with quite routine discussion of Frank and his who-knows-who-is-she girlfriend. We went through the same child dillemmas, which I have literally implanted in my brain right now and went on with the investigation. The sole plot is meandering even more than I could imagine, but those turns are completely misfired – instead of leading us by the nose, Pizzolatto’s boasting around with his cleverness and handful of peculiar ideas. Anyway, it just doesn’t work.

And yet, I would really give this season another chance if not the concluding shootout scene. That was the most ridiculous, naive, Steven Seagal-like gun fight we could expect from the creator of the brilliant Marty & Rust story. It’s beyond my understanding how a group of allegedly skilled policemen walk like bosses in the daylight, like the Lonely Island’s style in their rap parodies, not having the slightest idea they might have been already spotted. All in all, it’s Rachel McAdams as the forefront, the ultimately cowboy style girl – everyone’s safe right? So, we get our adventurous gunmen make hell of a bloodshed, shoot off one of the “important” characters (a payback for this lame Velcoro almost-dead thing?) and a whole bunch of accidental deaths of citizens. And the three main characters whining around like they try to admit “we really screwed up this time”. On top of that, the new rival for wooden acting icon – Taylor Kitsch, with his brand new “i’m sexy” face… Come on…

And yet, I know I will still watch it till the end. Although I’m no longer trying to excavate the told truth, that once something is good, it should be left that way, the second season might brighten up a bit in the end. At least, observing this panache acting by majority of the cast is quite fun! Vince Vaughn’s “louche” was a nail in the coffin for both the audience and our poor Vince, Velcoro’s subplot has become a Batman’s vanishing routine (Jim Gordon knows this ****) and we are given more and more spicy homosexual elements of Taylor Kitsch former soldier. This ship is getting heavier with every week.

I feel sorry for the crew of the second season. The bar set by the previous season was unreachable from the beginning, but they tried to reach it. And the higher they aim, the longer the distance to fall becomes. And the fourth episode? Ouch, the landing had to painful.


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