UMP Review – Digging Up The Marrow

Imagine a horror so boring it’s almost impossible to get spooked by it, add schematic documentary stylistics and a drop of schmucky effects – this is only a percentage of what “Digging Up The Marrow” has to offer. Despite my love for other Adam Green’s productions (“Hatchet” series is a classic silly slasher), his 2014 flick made it to the top of the worst films I have seen this year so far. And unfortunately, it was not a funny, pleasant time, as it could be with a really bad cinematic experience (I’m a great fan of B class movies).115

The story revolves around Adam Green’s film studio and him receiving a strange list from a man who claims to know a secret passage to the world of monsters. This shady figure – Mr. Dekker – is then invited by Green to participate in a documentary movie, which aims at proving to the world, that monsters do exist.

My attention was firstly attracted by the script. Even though I’m universally fed up with found footage, almost-documentary, wannabee-original-and-scary stuff, I thought this one might be actually pretty intriguing. How fallible my thinking was… “Diggin Up The Marrow” opened with several short comments of various artists upon the (non)existence of monsters. The promising beginning is thus followed by utterly boring hour and a half of promiscuous building-up the tension, which fades with every overly stretched dialogue.

“Digging Up The Marrow” lacks all the “meat”, which constiutes the basis for every horror flick. And I’m no talking literally about several dumb-ass, stimulated teenagers, which serve as bags of meat and bones to be slaugthered. I’m talking about all the dark atmosphere, some mystery, which hangs in the air etc. All we are given is one almost funny Adam Green, accompanied by ridiculously serious Ray Wise playing Mr. Dekker and tons, tons of pointless dialogues. The plot could be reduced to three guys making a movie about staring at a hole in the ground. So, that’s where the modern horrors are going to…

Either I’m too old for this **** or I just stopped somewhere before and never moved along with the modernity of screen frighteners. The most opaque, ludicrous flicks gain prizes and receive nominations, although being critized by majority of the audiences. Tough times we live nowadays I must say. Nevertheless, I should wrap things up – “Digging Up The Marrow” is not worth more than the ones I have already written.

UMP Grade: 16/50

(Cinematography: 4, Plot: 4, Acting: 4, Soundtrack: 2, Quaintness: 2)



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