In a Nuthsell – 30 Most Anticipated films in 2016

Breaking down my 2016 expectations – Coen borthers, Martin Scorsese and Denis Villeneuve among this year’s favorites.


The beginning of the year is a completely new chapter, one may call it a fresh breeze – new excitements on our way to be waiting for and, probably, new big flops and letdowns. Still, from the variety of films that has already created a buzz, I decided to pick up 30 that for some reason attracted me the most. 


I intentionally avoid listing superhero movies, even though 2016 will inevitably continue the trend from 2015 in an avalanche of comics-based films. Still, I admit I can’t wait for Deadpool, which could be a breakthrough for entertainment/superhero films in terms of being… naughty, to say at least. Ryan Reynolds foul-mouthed character spills blood extensively and does that with a wink in his eyes – at least according to the red-band trailer released. I also feel quite interested about the infmaous Suicide Squad – either it will be a Nolanese-like, psychological action film or pure garbage. Among the hottest titles in 2016, majority of critics list also Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. After a rather blatant The Force Awakens, I expect something much better. High hopes are guaranteed by Ben Mendelsohn in the cast.

There are also some big names to mess with us – the viewers – in 2016. The Coen Brothers are coming back after Inside Llewyn Davis with a musical starring George Clooney and Scarlett Johannson. And it seems like Coens are about to fire some heavy artillery at the film industry in Hail, Ceasar. There is a huge thing from Martin Scorsese, whose Silence might prove that Liam Neeson is not only a guy-from-Taken-franchise. My heart beats faster when I think of the new film by Xavier Dolan too, Just The End Of The World, about a writer, who comes home just announce he is dying of sickness. The list of internationally acclaimed directors is expanded by Werner Herzog, Nicolas Winding Refn and Denis Villeuneve in 2016. The master of documentaries will premiere his Salt and Fire, which still remains under a cloud of unknown (all we know is that it stars Michael Shannon). The artsy, a bit psychedelic Refn comes in 2016 with The Neon Demon, starring Keanu Reeves (…), advertised as a horror film. Finally, my beloved director Denis Villenueve is moving to sci-fi in Story Of Your Life. And there is some good news for Sicario fans – Jóhannsson and Deakins are on board too. Hooray!


The indie cinema seems quite solid in 2016 too. Jeremy Saulnier’s, critically acclaimed Green Room looks extreme, David Michod’s War Machine might surprise too as a witty satire regarding America’s never-ending need for military conflicts. Then there is a Sundance contender Goat about a peculiar brotherhood initiation, which has some fatal consequences and Manchester By The Sea, a drama starring Casey Affleck and Kyle Chandler.  The American festival will also screen The Birth of A Nation, about the revolution of slaves in 19th century in America – a repercussion of 12 Years A Slave? Michael Fassbender, whose each performance is worth being followed, will star in three interesting films this year: Assassin’s Creed adaptation, Adam Smith’s Tresspass Against Us and a superbly talented Derk Cianfrance’s film The Light Between Oceans. Eventually, I am waiting for Ben Wheatley’s thriller Free Fire with Cillian Murphy and Triple 9, involving probably the best cast of the year – Woody Harrlesson, Anthony Mackie, Casey Affleck, Kate Winslet and some other actors. Solid at least.

Finally, I could not forget about horrors, right? So, gore fans will feel delighted to hear that Rob Zombie, the author of undeniably the most fu**** up films I’ve ever seen comes back with a new fu**** up movie called 31. There are clowns, guts on the floor and lots of screaming – classic nightmare. A more artsy one could be The Witch, but my personal type is A Monster Calls, starring Liam Neeson.

Most Anticipated Films of 2016 (no particular order):

  1. Hail, Ceasar!
  2. Triple 9
  3. 31
  4. Manchester By The Sea
  5. Deadpool
  6. High-Rise
  7. Midnight Special
  8. Green Room
  9. La La Land
  10. Suicide Squad
  11. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
  12. Silence
  13. War Machine
  14. Story Of Your Life
  15. Assassin’s Creed
  16. Goat
  17. The Birth Of a Nation
  18. Juste la fin du monde
  19. The Other Side of The Door
  20. A Monster Calls
  21. The Man Who Made It Snow
  22. Salt and Fire
  23. Neon Demon
  24. Free Fire
  25. Swiss Army Man
  26. Elvis & Nixon
  27. Remember
  28. Free State of Jones
  29. Light Between Oceans
  30. Tresspass Against Us

What films do you expect in 2016?

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